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With the functions of horizontal drift left and right, front and rear, and 360-degree rotation in infinite direction, the Rotating cinema platform can simulate a variety of rich and diverse action scenes, and so far in the industry, it is the most powerful and revolutionary true dynamic simulation platform.

1. Rotating cinema platform can be combined with the most advanced head-mounted 3D display, which is equivalent to viewing a 750-inch screen from 20 meters away. The immersive super synchronous audio-visual and dynamic experience far exceeds the traditional 5D dynamic cinema.

2. The mini dynamic cinema, which is composed of a drifting electric platform and a head-mounted 3D display, is more space-saving, more immersive, more stimulating and more interesting than the traditional dynamic cinema.

3, Rotating cinema platform also supports the steering wheel to play simulation driving, flying, rowing games, have wonderful exciting experience, and smaller size.

4. Rotating cinema platform is suitable for various high-end dynamic cinema, ball screen cinema, amusement place, interactive racing game, live scene adventure + interactive dynamic simulation amusement project, and various virtual dynamic simulation application, bringing super shocking entertainment experience to players.

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