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Dish ladders are also known as dish ladders. Dish ladders are widely used in all kinds of small and medium sized catering, hotels, guesthouses, supermarkets, factories and so on.Dish ladders are generally divided into two types according to the delivery form, one is reciprocating and the other is continuous;Dish ladders can be divided into dish ladders and cargo ladders according to the delivered goods.Dish ladders are divided into structural forms, which can be divided into hydraulic type, chain type, drag type, one is window type or floor type, occupying a small space, without a strong land bearing capacity, old and new buildings can be installed and used, greatly saving time and labor costs for users.
Dish ladders are strictly prohibited to take people, also known as sundry ladders, elevators, elevators,automatic dish ladder can be used in a variety of forms,
One kind is light reciprocating, it is similar to the elevator form is the same, can be from the first floor to the second floor to the third floor, the fourth floor can be, this kind of reciprocating elevator transport goods are relatively light, generally 50 to 500KG, they drive the form of motor acceleration and deceleration to drive.
Continuous dish ladders, which can run continuously in one direction, are highly efficient

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