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Decorative materials: marble, fireproof board, acrylic sheets, transparent stone, aluminum plastic board, etc
Shape: L, E, T

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Rotary sushi, sushi, the name is sushi equipment, rotating life of drawstring, sushi belt, sushi drawstring, sushi belt rotation, rotation belt of sushi, the sushi belt, pull belt and hot pot of sushi belt is the same, Rotating sushi equipment can be divided into single and double layer or multilayer sushi conveyor belt conveyor belt sushi and can be processed into a refrigeration system or heating system, and the food surface to prevent moisture evaporation surface is dry, they are suitable for all kinds of restaurants, the food must be dustproof, fresh features, as well as to the food safety and health, have a good effect, and make sure you appears in the form of the most delicious food in front of the guests.The glass cover is bright and transparent, anti-skid and wear-resisting, with round arc and castle-type glass cover for your choice. It is suitable for all kinds of stores. The rotating hot pot equipment can be arranged according to the layout of the store.Design any shape according to customer's requirement.Table surface can also be based on the layout of the store or customer requirements to design a variety of styles.

Sushi belt can be equipped with hot water system, in a sushi belt installation faucet above, distance is 1 / m, customers can open in front of their own to drink fresh water, in order to avoid restaurant waiter pour water back and forth , saves the manpower, dinner countertops adornment material can have many choices, such as man-made stone, marble, hardwood, etc., normally, we suggest that the rotating hot pot equipment made from man-made stone mesa, in recent years, artificial stone with its modelling diversity, no juncture, fashionable and beautiful has become the darling of the kitchen industry.The decorative materials of dado are marble, fireproof board, acrylic sheet, transparent stone, aluminum plastic board, etc. Customers can entrust us to install or choose to decorate locally.The general width is 560MM, and the shapes are generally l-shaped, e-shaped and t-shaped.Refrigeration system temperature for 2 to 12 ℃;Conventional heating system temperature is 50-65 ℃, can add the atomization device with a moisturizing function.

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