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Rotary little hot pot is also called Rotating small hot pot,Rotating hot pot equipment,Self-service hot pot equipment,or Rotary hot pot.Rotary little hot pot is similar to Rotating sushi or Rotating sushi equipment. The difference is that the Rotary little hot pot is equipped with induction cooker, while the rotating sushi is without induction cooker. In addition, the Rotary little hot pot does not have a boiling water system, and the rotating sushi pull belt is equipped with a boiling water system.Rotary little hot pot is suitable for buffet restaurant, fast food restaurant, hot pot restaurant, buffet barbecue. The Rotary little hot pot is made of 304 stainless steel, and the chain pitch size and the width of the chain plate can be customized. Small chain plates can hold 2 inch plates, and large chain plates can hold 20 inch basins. The support frame of the equipment can be made of SUS304. The imported electrical components and motors are quality certified and the speed can be adjusted between 1-8 meters per minute. Rotary little hot pot can save manpower, neat appearance, safety, smooth transmission, no noise, wear resistance, hygienic, easy to clean, etc. The appearance is both fashionable and elegant, and there is no lack of humanity.
1. You can design any shape according to the layout of the store and the requirements of the customer, such as L-shaped, linear, W-shaped, O-shaped, square, and polygonal.
2. The motor can be used with various voltages such as 110V, 220V, 380V, and 440V.
3. There are many kinds of table top materials, generally marble, artificial marble, 304 stainless steel, solid wood board, anti-double board (various colors can be optional).
4. The following decorative sealing board can be used for multi-layer wood board surface aluminum-plastic board, paint-free wood board, compression board surface polymer board, solid wood board, solid wood baking varnish, solid wood black, etc.
5. It can be used to make some LED decorative lights, or it can be sprayed, heated, cooled, humidified and dried.
6. The size of the induction cooker can be customized, generally 800W, 1100W, 1500W, 2200W.
7. Total power of the conveyor line P = motor power P1 + induction cooker power P2 * number of induction cookers
8. The induction cooker can be round or square, and the induction cooker can be made flat with the countertop or can be made sinking.
9. Hot pot line decoration can be customized according to the decoration style of the store. The style of the rotating hot pot can also be designed according to the layout of the store or the requirements of the customers. There are many choices for the decorative materials of the countertops, such as tempered glass, marble, diamond, anti-Bite, etc. Customers can entrust us to install or choose to decorate in the local area.

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