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Organic waste gas treatment device is a new type of gas purification equipment. It is improved on the basis of floating packed bed gas purifier. With excellent purification effect, Organic waste gas treatment device is widely used in industrial waste gas purification, dust pretreatment and other aspects. Because it's working principle is similar to the washing process, so it is also named Exhaust Dust Gas Purifying scrubber. In the production process of coating, printing, shoemaking and the other chemical industry, a lot of exhaust gas containing VOCs is discharged. There are many kinds of VOCs, among which aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, esters and aldehydes are the most common ones. Most VOCs are toxic and have irritating odor. Some VOCs are carcinogenic.Therefore, it is necessary to discharge the gas through the Organic waste gas treatment device, otherwise the poisonous gas will be introduced into the air.

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Material Cabon Steel /stainess steel/PP
Air volume Large air volume
Product Keywords Organic waste gas treatment device

Tags:Organic waste gas treatment device,Exhaust Dust Gas Purifying scrubber

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