What is the size of the Self Service Food Ordering System?

See the difference between the width of the Self Service Food Ordering System equipment. Rotary hot pot equipment and rotary sushi equipment are very simple. The width of the rotary hot pot equipment is 55cm, and the equipment for rotary sushi is 45cm. Just take a ruler to measure the width, or you can look at the crescent sheet. The rotating leaves of the hot pot equipment are 18-20, which is very easy to identify.

After checking the motor, it is clear whether the merchant wants to sell you a rotary hot pot device or a rotary sushi device. Then you can look at the core part of the rotary hot pot device-the motor. Because regular business of rotary hot pot equipment will be maintained for life, they will choose purely imported motors. Check the nameplate of the motor to know whether it is domestic or imported. Be sure to identify the pure imported brand, otherwise the operation may be unstable in the later stage.